Boxes door - ODO "PRANAS"

For production of doors we offer the rolling, zinced steel profiles for door boxes of the Austrian concern Voestalpine. Profiles are made of steel rolled 2 mm thick. rolled is the guarantor of high geometrical precision of boxes.

  • Thickness of steel of 2 mm provides durability of welded and/or mechanical connections, bolted and carving fastenings of door accessories, stability and reliability at long operation.
  • Profiles for door boxes are zinced with Sendzimir’s method. + additional coloring powder or paint and varnish in the ways boxes in the most hostile environment allow to operate a layer of zinc of 120 microns.
  • Optimum length of hire (5,5 m) allows to make door boxes (for the single floor and the swing floor doors) with the minimum waste.
  • Using door cloths of the European standard + door boxes from our profiles, you receive doors which are perfectly mounted in any apertures.
  • The configuration of profiles allows to use standard a sealant like NR.
  • Boxes can be made several types: angular, blooming, blooming — telescopic.
  • The minimum thickness of a wall for telescopic boxes of 70 mm, maximum to 240 mm.
  • Under the order possibly production of telescopic boxes for walls with bigger thickness.