Gypsum fiber boards of Fermacell - ODO "PRANAS"

Plates of Fermacell consist of gypsum and paper fibers which in the course of recycling turn out from paper. These both natural raw materials then mix up and at water addition, without using other binding means, is pressed under a high pressure in strong plates, are dried up, become impregnated with water-repellent means and are cut by the demanded size. Gypsum reacts with water, gets fibers and envelops them. It provides the high durability and fire resistance of plates of Fermacell. On the basis of the making materials Fermacell it is equated to the construction plates, used for fire-dangerous and crude rooms. Gypsum plates of Fermacell don’t contain unhealthy materials. Lack of glue excludes possibility of allocation of gases and increases air permeability of uniform structure of a payment. Plates of Fermacell answer standards of ecological building. When checking product the Austrian Institute of Ecological Building estimated it as a material recommended for ecological building. Innovative and ecologically faultless process of production with strict quality control.

Gypsum-fiber plates of Fermacell are used for a covering of walls and ceilings of public buildings, gyms, living room. Plates can be laminated by any laminate, including a natural interline internal and be used for finishing of vip-rooms.