EI45-EI90 Firewall PartitionsПротивопожарные перегородки EI45-EI90 - ODO "PRANAS"

Glazed (glazing up to 90%) and unglazed firewall partitions are made of VA-FIRE steel profiles produced by Voestalpine Austrian corporate group. The fire resistance of the firewall partitions is up to 45 EI.

  • It is the narrowest system of fireproof profiles among their analogs (60 × 50 mm).
  • It is the strongest system of profiles among their analogs (wall t is equal to 2 mm).
  • This system of fireproof profiles is the most resistant to corrosion among their analogs (both outside and inside of the profile zinc layer thickness is 120 µm ).
  • The system has the lowest weight in comparison with analogs (a unique patented profile design)
  • 2 mm profile wall thickness provides:
    • an increased structural-load capacity:
    • maximum glass sizes;
  • Compliance with the best modern practice with regard to smoke-proof partitions and uninterrupted duty (Class C5 conforming to EN – 200 000 opening cycles).
  • Applying any paint for metal, as well as powder paint, by RAL color palette.
  • Both design and production of the profile are certified (which includes EN, ISO).