The Glasbord panels for pure rooms - ODO "PRANAS"

Glasbord® panel represent the cellular sheets of polyester reinforced by fiber glass. These fiber glass panels have the unique patented antibacterial covering of Surfaseal®. As a result, it is hygienic panels for internal finishing which possess high resistance to emergence of scratches, mushrooms, an antibacterial and dirt-resistant covering, resistance to emergence of dents, wear and aggressive chemicals.

Unlike all other standard panels FRP, Glasbord ® with Surfaseal® is much higher on quality. The Surfaseal trademark ® is a finishing is chemically alloyed with finishing of polyester pitch. It is specially processed surface does daily service simpler, than ever – it is 10 times easier to clean, than at other FRP panels and is 6 times steadier against emergence of spots.

Glasbord ® panels completely moisture resistant, and not just on a surface. They don’t support a mold, and it won’t rust or is subject to corrosion.

Glasbord ® пallows to clear a surface of dirt and fat quickly and easily because it is FRP, is extremely steady against influence of the majority of chemicals and spots. Glasbord® is easily cut and drilled by hard-alloy expendables. For completion of installation use moldings and rivets of similar color.

The producer of panels Glasbord (Glasbord®), Crane Kompozits’s company Inkorporeyshen (Crane Co Inc) – is the world leader in branch in production of the composite materials reinforced by fiber glass. More than 55 years, since 1954 the company is the pioneer of the composite products replacing traditional materials, such as metals and a wood.

In the world it is actively applied to finishing of such rooms, as:

  • Meat shops, slaughters, packing and finishing rooms of supermarkets
  • Bakeries
  • Breweries and breweries
  • Refrigerating warehouses
  • Kitchens of restaurants and fast food
  • Schools, kindergartens, hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical factories, laboratories
  • Locker rooms and toilets.

Characteristics of panels Glasbord Glasbord®:

  1. Antibacterial impenetrable Surfaseal® covering.
  2. Bactericidal and fungicide
  3. The hygienic
  4. Not absorbing
  5. The moisture resistant
  6. Resistance to aggressive chemicals
  7. The dirt-resistant
  8. It is easy to clean
  9. Safety and crash-worthiness
  10. Steady against scratches
  11. Almost don’t demand service
  12. Fast and simple installation
  13. Long service life