Successful cooperationУспешное сотрудничество - ODO "PRANAS"

We appreciate our customers and they reciprocate us. Here you can find reviews about our company.

LLC “Bel Huavei Technology”
“The products of Pranas ODO meet all technical requirements and have all permits. We note the precise organization of work and the high labor discipline of the company’s employees, and we look forward to further cooperation.”

ZAO (close joint-stock company)”ADANI Technologies”
“ZAO “ADANI Technologies” expresses gratitude to “Pranas” as a reliable and conscientious contractor. In the course of the works – the installation of fire protection partitions EI 45, fire doors EI 30 and fire safety windows E30, the wishes of the customer were taken into account as much as possible.”

Gomel branch of the Belarusian Railway
“RUE “Gomel Branch of the Belarusian Railways” highly appreciates the work of Pranas ODO and intends to continue cooperation with your company in the future. Partitions fireproof EI 60 and fire doors EI 60 fully meet our requirements and requirements of TNPA.”

State institution of education “Secondary school №61”
“We express our gratitude to ODO “PRANAS” for timely and highly qualified execution of works on the supply and installation of fireproof partitions of fire resistance EI60 and fireproof doors of fire resistance EI60.”

JSC “Minotel”
“One of the organizations taking an active part in the building of the object “Reconstruction of the Hotel” Belarus “in 15 Storozhovskaya Street is the Pranas ODO, which has proved to be a reliable supplier and contractor able to solve almost any construction tasks.”

“Your organization throughout the period of cooperation has proved to be a reliable and conscientious partner in the production of the products and timely delivery of products.”

Minsk Princes Hotel
“We note the professionalism shown by the employees of “Pranas”, the attentive attitude and the desire to find the optimal solution for the client on all emerging issues”

ALC “Visoki Zamok”
“ALC Visoki Zamok expresses hope for further cooperation, and is also ready to recommend ODO “PRANAS” as a reliable, qualified, efficient contractor and responsible partner.”

“During the time of joint work, ODO “PRANAS” has established itself as a reliable partner, a responsible attitude towards contractual obligations”

“The works were carried out in accordance with the current building codes and regulations, according to the terms of reference and the terms of the contract, with the proper quality and in a timely manner. We recommend ODO “PRANAS” to cooperate as a reliable partner”

“We express our gratitude for the timely and highly qualified work on the supply and installation of fire doors and fire resistance partitions EI45 / 30.”