Over a period of several decades profiles of VA-FORM – series have been successfully used in different areas throughout the entire world. Nevertheless their main sphere of application is the manufacture of doors, hatches, gates and partitions. Steel properties guarantee the protection against breaking in, shooting-through, fire and smoke, as well as against explosions, even when simple models of locks are used. A wall of 2 mm thick ensures mechanical strength, solid weldability and reliable bolted connections. VA-FORM – series profiles are produced in etched form, and, almost all of them, in conformity with Sendzimir zinking method. A layer of zink is equal to 120 µm both from inside and outside of the profile. Fire and smoke-proof designs of E 30, E 60, E 90, E 120 classes were fire-tested many times at the laboratories of different countries. Fire and smoke-proof single-leaf doors made of the VA-FORM profiles manufactured with a width of up to 1.6 m and with a height of up to 3.4 m and double-leaf doors with a width of up to 3.3 m and with a height of up to 3.4 m. Doors of VA-FORM -series profiles also comply with high requirements with regard to smoke-proof doors and uninterrupted duty (C5 class conforming to 200 000 opening cycles). With regards to aesthetical requirements profile doors and partitions can be provided with glass multiple glazed units, sandwich panels, etc. Apparent width of a profile is rather small. Polymer or lacquer coating ensures impeccable appearance for years to come. The constructions, manufactured from VA-FORM -series profiles, do not do harm to the environment and are recycled. Doors, hatches, gates, partitions made in conformity with VA system offer long lasting performance even during highest daily workload.