Our advantages - ODO "PRANAS"

Voestalpine still profile is the only one from fireproof profiles with wall thickness 2 mm, thicker than any other still profile wall.

It means the most thick wall, the most reliable steel. But because the steel is firm it gives possibility to make the whole frame wall thinner than competition do, and therefore voestalpine profile is sleeker, lighter and stronger, and, what is important, much more cheaper than our competitors have (wall of the profile itself is thicker, but because of this fact the wall of steel frame, made of this profile, is thinner).  Voestalpine produces the most thin steel frames in their classes.

Steel is galvanized both inside and outside of profile (only voestalpine makes it), which is very important in high humidity.

So it’s the best really ratio price/quality.

We offer tree types of glass:

  • SPM (Belarus) – the maximal size of glass 2500 × 1400 mm.
  • Pilkington – the maximal size of glass 3130 × 2040 mm.
  • AGC – the maximal size of glass 3130 × 2040 mm.